Here and Now

It has been a little over a year since my last post! The previous post was during the beginning and height of the pandemic. A lot has happened since then and I’m happy to share how my kids and design life has changed over the next few post. I am so grateful to be alive with my family to share this.

Kid life in a pandemic
Helping to make life seem as “normal” as possible in virtual school is/was probably the most challenging experience. We opted in for virtual because my daughter is high risk. However I wanted to make her virtual school amazing and fun. I made a corner of the house a mini school, full of wall posters, a “black board” (black contact paper), map and a saucer chair for a reading corner. I also added lots of plants to help with the air quality and put her desk next to a huge window for natural light. She helped me transform our living room with her sketches ideas as well.

Since I have son with Autism, things were even more challenging. However I worked with amazing teachers who coached me through his online sessions. I had to put a lot of toys in containers but it still worked in the colorful and environment I made for him During this period of time I also created a instagram feed for myself and others to help cope with the new pandemic life QuileenForCreativeHina.

#pandemicshool #Homeschool #Covidschooling

Once people started getting the vaccinated I threw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my amazing daughter who read all the books in about 3 weeks! She help me create all the props and decor. I’ll be sharing a separate post about it later (Us parents are avid fans too lol) This party really helped me feel better during the pandemic it was a much needed outdoor therapy session. I put other ideas and projects on instagram @creativehina and facebook feeds and stories.

#HarryPotter #HarryPotterTheme #HarryPotterparty (Vegan Nut-free cupcakes by TheSchweetSpot)

Design & Art

Because of the pandemic, a lot of projects I worked on completely stopped. That included a 100+ page health book, marketing material for another client and my own personal projects. It was/is tough but I found reading The Artist Way recommend by a friend, Angie, from Ocelot Print shop years ago lifted my spirits. I finally read it and it has really motivated me to design. I was happy to complete a collection, inspired by my Grandmother, who passed from old age during this pandemic. It’s called using both my grandmother’s names. I drew and all the motifs by hand and created a variety of products. You can see my full journey from concept sketches, to completion on my instagram@quileen.

More updates later…


Covid-19: Living & Learning

A week has past since I received the call and multiple emails that my children’s schools would be closed. But well before that, the signs were pretty obvious. Two weeks prior the first sign, was tissue being depleted from Costco. Being a savvy shopper as I was, I simply went to another smaller store down the street and saw the supply hadn’t been bought out yet-but it was low. At that moment I knew things would be different going forward.

I was with my 3yr old son and would text my husband and mother (who lives in another part of the city) photos of the empty shelves and witnessing a lot of road rage. It’s hard to believe just a week before, everyone was laughing, having fun, visiting stores – we didn’t even give it second thought – that we would all soon be on lock-down. And as I write this blog we don’t even know how long that will last.

To try and make better of the situation for the kids. I had to get into creative-teacher mode right away. While the google classroom and online documents the schools are sending are great, it can never replace interaction with classmates and social learning.
Here are some creative things I’ve done to teach and keeps my kids active. (A small note: I was a stay-at-home mom and working from home for a while. This was after working 10 years in corporate America):Β 

Colorful Chart: I worked with my 6yr old daughter to make a list of stuff she wanted to do. Then made it look appealing and laminated it. Feel free to download it here.

Outside Play: It’s vital to get some fresh air. Being in Michigan right now, the days are cooler. But we put our snowsuits on and are able to stay outside longer. (Parks, libraries, and malls are now closed).

Gotta clean our bed for sure now.
Bubble machine.

Crafts: As an artist, I try to keep the kids engaged in some sort of art or crafst. Wikki stix takes our imagination to a far away place and it’s quite relaxing. My son, who is on the spectrum, enjoy these as simulators.

Online and Social: Along with the various online learning tools the school provided, we found some really fun games. So far it looks like (Fuzz Bugs) is her favorite right now, along with Facebook’s Messenger for kids.

To conclude, we’re all helping each other either online or by phone to get through this rough period in history – trying to survive the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Be blessed and stay healthy everyone, We will make it through! ❀

Credits: Top image PoraPak Apiachodilok