Getting 2016 Started

Happy New Years to everyone!

Oh yeah, this year is going to be HUGE. Literally… at least for me. I’m on to baby no 2. and definitely got the big belly.  But also am happy about getting bigger — office space! I finally am converting the basement to my design studio. (below) It’s going to be tricky since you have to build with uh-ohs (flooding) in mind, but that will be the creative part about it.IMG_7936

So far floating shelves are on my team, shelves.jpgand I’ve been finding really cool stuff on Pintrest.

Stay Tuned!




Cats and Vegan Breakfast…

It’s true. Well, at least in these photos. In my life sometimes the struggle of cooking a decent meal because of laziness is a very real. Especially at night and Mondays.
oatlmealHowever there is a hope! I actually don’t have a choice to cook when it comes to my daughter, who I’m raising to be vegetarian /vegan. She absolutely has to have her protein, whole grains, and fresh/frozen organic fruit. You’ll see in the photo a pot of oatmeal with a banana, spinach, peanut butter and some strawberries. It seems strange with the spinach but we succeed in getting her all the nutrients.But for us adults, we gotta do better lol. I love my cat – at times she is a reflection of how i feel – like today- Monday. But I’ve got a plan: buy healthy frozen foods.  I love the organic frozen kale and quinoa meals at and it works.

But in order to see, my daughter’s future birthdays, graduations and more I gotta be wayyyy more healthier and ready!

Happy Monday, Chow!

It’s been a long time…

Hey there world.

Sorry it’s been some time. A LOT has happened. Including raising a baby girl! She’s two now instead of 6 months. Here is a quick run down:

Grime D t-shirt

Typical old English D, representing Detroit,MI. I made and screen printed this fast.

  • I learned to screen print. You can see my apparel on my Etsy store or Gumroad Not to mention I’m on and Instagram @creativehina
  • I’ve been doing a lot more drawing. (although I need to do more)
  • Still vegan but cut out a lot of soy milk-We’re doing the flax milk thang.
  • I’ve completed half of my art career. AKA getting old lol.
  • Finally I’m still practicing Capoeira via at Capoeira Detroit. Getting ready for our Batizado Oct 22-25, 2015 ! I can’t wait. ^_^

Chia via Capoeira

This week was quite interesting and fun. I decided to actually eat the organic chia seeds today in my cereal and it was delicisous. Buutttt not without first trying it from Wholepaycheck. Image

What looked like something from the old Star Trek, actually tasted like the old Star Trek. Anyhou the taste was bland :-/ but the good news is that  I made it at home and added my delightful fruits and agave. IT WAS FANTASTIC. Bonus: I have a extra pump of energy @_@ and did a kickass time in Capo class.

Getting Revved Up

I’m finally taking the plunge and start blogging.

Why did it take so long? Not sure. But life happens. Then there’s work. Then Love.  Then a total new life …a baby’s life, of course. 🙂
I think I’m ready to share with the world who I am, what I love, and what I do –  all knowing it will be somewhere on the internet forever. LOL. Here is my contribution to mankind.
Sit tight and enjoy the ride!
*Straight from the D!

Straight from the D

Straight from the D

Detroit skyline – how lovely.

Every now and again I’ll take wonderful pictures of this old city, that is turning into a new city – a better place for the people of Detroit. We also recently got a new Mayor. New in the sense of his culture. I’m happy he’s ready to change Detroit, and I’m glad we are willing to have an open mind for these new changes.

Here’s to new beginnings & buildings!