Here and Now

It has been a little over a year since my last post! The previous post was during the beginning and height of the pandemic. A lot has happened since then and I’m happy to share how my kids and design life has changed over the next few post. I am so grateful to be alive with my family to share this.

Kid life in a pandemic
Helping to make life seem as “normal” as possible in virtual school is/was probably the most challenging experience. We opted in for virtual because my daughter is high risk. However I wanted to make her virtual school amazing and fun. I made a corner of the house a mini school, full of wall posters, a “black board” (black contact paper), map and a saucer chair for a reading corner. I also added lots of plants to help with the air quality and put her desk next to a huge window for natural light. She helped me transform our living room with her sketches ideas as well.

Since I have son with Autism, things were even more challenging. However I worked with amazing teachers who coached me through his online sessions. I had to put a lot of toys in containers but it still worked in the colorful and environment I made for him During this period of time I also created a instagram feed for myself and others to help cope with the new pandemic life QuileenForCreativeHina.

#pandemicshool #Homeschool #Covidschooling

Once people started getting the vaccinated I threw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my amazing daughter who read all the books in about 3 weeks! She help me create all the props and decor. I’ll be sharing a separate post about it later (Us parents are avid fans too lol) This party really helped me feel better during the pandemic it was a much needed outdoor therapy session. I put other ideas and projects on instagram @creativehina and facebook feeds and stories.

#HarryPotter #HarryPotterTheme #HarryPotterparty (Vegan Nut-free cupcakes by TheSchweetSpot)

Design & Art

Because of the pandemic, a lot of projects I worked on completely stopped. That included a 100+ page health book, marketing material for another client and my own personal projects. It was/is tough but I found reading The Artist Way recommend by a friend, Angie, from Ocelot Print shop years ago lifted my spirits. I finally read it and it has really motivated me to design. I was happy to complete a collection, inspired by my Grandmother, who passed from old age during this pandemic. It’s called using both my grandmother’s names. I drew and all the motifs by hand and created a variety of products. You can see my full journey from concept sketches, to completion on my instagram@quileen.

More updates later…