I’m. Still. Here. …and Designing.

Well hello ya’ll and Happy Holidays! I’m beginning to realize, apologizing for posting late is unnecessary;  Meaning life happens and you simply get busy. My little boy is now 7 months and I admit I find myself sleeping more than designing, especially since I have two kids. But I’ll get back to it! Anyhou – today I’m going to keep my promise and talk about the Berenstain Bears drawings I mentioned in my previous post.

Berenstain Bears.
Let’s just say I read quite a bit to my kids, and well… as a designer/editor I just notice the details – ALL OF THEM. (insert your laugh here) I couldn’t help but notice in the series, the drawings have morphed over time. I ike that. It tells me, someone has gotten better at what they do and/or wanted to try something new, or just got criticized and realized the criticism was actually true. Check out the images below.


Left 1968, center 1974, right 1985

Amazing isn’t it?  As you see, the first, is more freestyle and at least to me, fun! The middle almost 10 years later seems more modest and controlled and the last is more defined by bolder lines – which makes it super clear, concise and clean.
There is something to learn here. Especially for me– design skills change or “improve” over time.  I think as designers we sometimes get caught in doing things the same way. For example I worked corporate for 10 years doing mainly the same thing. I admit it was a little more fun in the beginning, where I was wild and free LOL.( I seriously got better in time)  I need to get back to that — and we all can by taking long breaks, life transitions or just cold turkey it, overnight and change it up.

In my next post I’m about going to talk about Adobe and how I am being “forced” to find another set of  design tools to use.

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(*Above images belong to The Berenstain Bears*)