Here and Now

It has been a little over a year since my last post! The previous post was during the beginning and height of the pandemic. A lot has happened since then and I’m happy to share how my kids and design life has changed over the next few post. I am so grateful to be alive with my family to share this.

Kid life in a pandemic
Helping to make life seem as “normal” as possible in virtual school is/was probably the most challenging experience. We opted in for virtual because my daughter is high risk. However I wanted to make her virtual school amazing and fun. I made a corner of the house a mini school, full of wall posters, a “black board” (black contact paper), map and a saucer chair for a reading corner. I also added lots of plants to help with the air quality and put her desk next to a huge window for natural light. She helped me transform our living room with her sketches ideas as well.

Since I have son with Autism, things were even more challenging. However I worked with amazing teachers who coached me through his online sessions. I had to put a lot of toys in containers but it still worked in the colorful and environment I made for him During this period of time I also created a instagram feed for myself and others to help cope with the new pandemic life QuileenForCreativeHina.

#pandemicshool #Homeschool #Covidschooling

Once people started getting the vaccinated I threw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my amazing daughter who read all the books in about 3 weeks! She help me create all the props and decor. I’ll be sharing a separate post about it later (Us parents are avid fans too lol) This party really helped me feel better during the pandemic it was a much needed outdoor therapy session. I put other ideas and projects on instagram @creativehina and facebook feeds and stories.

#HarryPotter #HarryPotterTheme #HarryPotterparty (Vegan Nut-free cupcakes by TheSchweetSpot)

Design & Art

Because of the pandemic, a lot of projects I worked on completely stopped. That included a 100+ page health book, marketing material for another client and my own personal projects. It was/is tough but I found reading The Artist Way recommend by a friend, Angie, from Ocelot Print shop years ago lifted my spirits. I finally read it and it has really motivated me to design. I was happy to complete a collection, inspired by my Grandmother, who passed from old age during this pandemic. It’s called using both my grandmother’s names. I drew and all the motifs by hand and created a variety of products. You can see my full journey from concept sketches, to completion on my instagram@quileen.

More updates later…



Covid-19: Living & Learning

A week has past since I received the call and multiple emails that my children’s schools would be closed. But well before that, the signs were pretty obvious. Two weeks prior the first sign, was tissue being depleted from Costco. Being a savvy shopper as I was, I simply went to another smaller store down the street and saw the supply hadn’t been bought out yet-but it was low. At that moment I knew things would be different going forward.

I was with my 3yr old son and would text my husband and mother (who lives in another part of the city) photos of the empty shelves and witnessing a lot of road rage. It’s hard to believe just a week before, everyone was laughing, having fun, visiting stores – we didn’t even give it second thought – that we would all soon be on lock-down. And as I write this blog we don’t even know how long that will last.

To try and make better of the situation for the kids. I had to get into creative-teacher mode right away. While the google classroom and online documents the schools are sending are great, it can never replace interaction with classmates and social learning.
Here are some creative things I’ve done to teach and keeps my kids active. (A small note: I was a stay-at-home mom and working from home for a while. This was after working 10 years in corporate America)

Colorful Chart: I worked with my 6yr old daughter to make a list of stuff she wanted to do. Then made it look appealing and laminated it. Feel free to download it here.

Outside Play: It’s vital to get some fresh air. Being in Michigan right now, the days are cooler. But we put our snowsuits on and are able to stay outside longer. (Parks, libraries, and malls are now closed).

Gotta clean our bed for sure now.
Bubble machine.

Crafts: As an artist, I try to keep the kids engaged in some sort of art or crafst. Wikki stix takes our imagination to a far away place and it’s quite relaxing. My son, who is on the spectrum, enjoy these as simulators.

Online and Social: Along with the various online learning tools the school provided, we found some really fun games. So far it looks like (Fuzz Bugs) is her favorite right now, along with Facebook’s Messenger for kids.

To conclude, we’re all helping each other either online or by phone to get through this rough period in history – trying to survive the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Be blessed and stay healthy everyone, We will make it through! ❤

Credits: Top image PoraPak Apiachodilok

Insight and Outsight

Have you received good news and bad news at the same time? Or something amazing happens then the opposite happens at the exact moment? “Wtf” is what comes to most peoples minds, and this is what happened to me a month ago.  I lost Spoonflower’s Small Business Grant competition (12 selected) but was able to attend at talk from world renown fashion icon and designer Detroit, born Anna Sui.

The irony right? A digital fabric printing, one-off company that started off struggling like myself, declined my application, while hours later I attended a full house, face to face talk with one of the “Top 5 Fashion Icons of the Decade”, and Lifetime Achievement Award winner.(Wiki) My emotions went from frustration to an I-can-really-do-this-ish!!

SpoonWith Spoonflower, I was initially upset, but laughed reading their email because the company accidentally emailed (CC) over 150+ people exposing all of our email addresses. (Which is bad, because compromised emails means cpu viruses could spread). However I was grateful they were able to send feedback on why I didn’t win, so partial kiddos to them.

At the Anna Sui talk, I was elated with design joy! I learned how she started her passion at 4 yrs old, reading a fashion magazine, to her first celebrity wearing her dress – Madonna. I was a sponge and took videos, photos, notes and even shook her hand and gave her a business card. A once in a life time feeling and experience.ANNA

From the bad and good news that day, I learned quite a bit and am grateful that I can apply it to my design career in years to come.




Losing the Small Business Spoonflower Grant
1. Learn about grant writing. This honestly was my first grant letter/application, and I’m not the best writer. After winning, I checked out a book on grant writing called Grant Writing For Dummies by Beverly A. Browning. It all made sense after reading that lol. Spoonflower needed a “clear understanding of how winning, they would support my business financially.”

2. Don’t be petty. I said a few naughty words to Spoonflower while reading my letter from them. Partially because they made a huge mistake with the emails exposure, so I was like “Hey! You make mistakes too you (beep)” or in other word the company is no better than me and also mentioned their humble beginnings, (declined loans, needed start-up money, etc). But it didn’t matter, I will need their service later, so lets not “burn the bridge”.

3. Have a solid brand. I have online presence, but I was right in the middle of rebranding and updating my site. In other words they were confused on who my audience was, what my products were and “specifically how Spoonflower was an integral part of my small business.”  And I might add you need starkly different unique products as you can see from the winners here.


Attending the Anna Sui Talk
1. Stay Inspired. Anna talked about the many inspiration boards she has, (some grouped  only by color and story). She also mentions sometimes starting collections with just shoes. She puts up images of paintings, movies, and even drawings.
I just started a mood board for a collection I’ve started  and putting anything on including plants (which is crumbling) is so great to do. (Stay tuned for that post)

2. Find your own way. As I mentioned she was 4, when she decided to be a fashion designer and she did everything she could to make it come true. It was incredible learning about how she did just that and even moved to New York, to go to Parsons School of Design. For me ,it’s designing everyday and never stop learning the craft – especially if your passionate about it.

3. Make money via licensing.  Anna Sui, has multiple streams of income. This is nothing new to artists, but if your wanting to keep a steady flow of income, licensing in different areas in the field is beneficial. Anna had perfume, makeup, kids clothing and more… I have… none. BUT I’m learning how!

I hope you found good ideas from my experience, it definitely was a bitter sweet day.  But it’s wonderful to learn from good experiences and bad ones  – the bad ones are just hidden good lessons.




One of the places I enjoyed traveling in summer 2018, was San Fransisco. Everything I thought about this city was true, the hills, the vegan food and the art. 
Take a look at the wonderful art scene, nature and culture I’ve captured thought my camera lens.


San Francisco skyline

I find being in another environment sparks new ideas and creative design. You’ll find a lot of San Fran’s influence in my coming designs.  P.S. This was probably one of the best trips I’ve been on in a long time! I also learned a day later after arriving if it’s called a vegetarian restaurant, it’s most likely an majority vegan restaurant. The three best restaurants I loved the most was Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya, Toast Eatery, and Thai Idea Vegetarian  ^_^.




Ironically I decided to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Artduring rush hour, but it was balanced by what I found after arriving — the outdoor garden/living wall. It was peace right in the middle of a busy city; not to mention, seeing Andy Warhol, Herman Miller picnic posters, and a plethora of art I wouldn’t mind being in my home/ studio – keeping that peaceful mindset.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


All art works are owned by the respective artists and/or designers. City and other photos are © copyrighted.

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Creativity + Costume Star Power

With Halloween upon us I’d like to share my recent experience from Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume exhibition at the DIA (5/18-9/18.) Seeing actual props, costumes, and drawings from the movie was beyond amazing!

Entrance to exhibition in Detroit Institute of Arts.

Entrance to exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Already in it’s glory and with an highly anticipated crowd, I looked a little further than making sure I took a selfie with R2-D2, or C-3PO.

The part that struck me beyond seeing Darth Vader’s glowing lightsaber, Padmé’s plethora of dreamy outfits, and Han Solo’s pants, was where it all started – the drawing room.
At this point, I stopped and remembered a few things: First creativity/design ideas comes from the simplest things, like a quick pencil drawing, that ratty drawing on napkin or even walking. I have to remind myself this often, since being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is hard and it sometimes kills the design mojo. But the good news is that exhibitions like this ignites my passion of design. stuido 1

In this drawing room “studio” setting, it seems so simple and very nostalgic. Plus featuring the Apple cpu lol – I remember when that came out. This by far had my interest more than Yoda. Isn’t that crazy?
It’s amazing what can be done with so little. You can always count on a trusty pencil and paper to go wild and free with ideas.


Alex Tavoularis, Opening Frame Storyboard
Around 1975, Graphite pencil on paper



The instal sketch (left) for Star Wars opening almost brought me to tears – I’m being literal. I bet the artist never knew it would be THIS big of an iconic household name.
Look at the basic fundamentals of design come into play here – perspective drawing.The sketches of the clothings and figures, are very enjoyable to view too, especially when you can closely see erased lines. But the level of detail screams dedication or perhaps the art director telling the artist to keep going – both I’ve experience professionally lol. [Side bar: I didn’t know real person was inside R2-D2]




Ralph McQuarrie, R2-D2 Concept Art 1975. Red and Graphite pencil on tracing paper

Which brings me to my second thought – details, details, details.  quote-RecoveredThese costumes were the crème de la crème, with extreme detailed and intricate embellishments sewn from sketches. I have to remember to plant many new design seeds over and over that will product more, unique and detailed work. I loved the quote from Costume Designer, Nilo Rodis-Jamero seeing at the exhibition. “The more sketches seen, the quicker we got to where we all wanted to go”.

So here’s to a wonderful exhibition, with an interactive lightsaber display, excellent Chewie and Han wall background and the meditative boxed Yoda with an outstanding production variety. Please enjoy other photos,  but more importantly… May the creativity be with you!

All images, drawings, and costumes belong to Star Wars™

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Sweaty Palms of This Awkward Mom

It’s been too long. Too long since I’ve woken up and got dressed in a business-friendly attire. Too long since I’ve put decent makeup on and the FIRST time I’ve ever worn fire engine red lipstick… This is how the day started for me who jumped at an opportunity to attend, “Mompreneurs: Growing Business & Raising Families”, an initiative by Detroit Startup Week.


Trying to look professional.

The truth is, my mom (an amazing textile designer) told me about this just the day before. She always seems to know all the insight into the new programs and business opportunities in the “upcoming” Detroit. But I somehow got the kids dressed, made lunches and raced my ass out the door leaving 1 hour early, because you just never know what will happen with a 1 and 4 year old.


Fancy lanyards with badge. I felt important for about 10 seconds.

Upon arriving I found an amazing free park literally right in front of the building, and I was super geeked I was on time! Once I met up with my mom, she took the kids, and I made my way inside, feeling ready and refreshed.


Once I was registered I was handed this lanyard. “OUUUU” I thought, super professional, but soon found myself confused on where the hell to go, so I felt like an idiot 5 seconds later. No signs anywhere just a old elevator with an actual elevator operator (the Masonic temple is a older building.) Once on the 3rd floor I spotted the signs on where to go, but went in mommy mode and went looking for a potty.  As soon as I found it, there was a line of ladies waiting :-/ Of course I went into double mommy mode and asked if there was another one – and indeed it was, just around the corner. What’s important about this part is that the ladies standing in line heard it too but just waited. So I just proceeded and there it was are less than 30 feet away – an empty bathroom. After the pee, I whipped around the


Where the line for the potty was lol…

corner and yelled “hey there’s an empty bathroom and it’s super close”. They just smiled and no one moved. Immediately I thought — ok clearly they have no kids and a life lol.


When the discussion started, it was truly inspiring,  I heard stories about one who had a kid at 14, some who started businesses later as a moms, single moms all successful, amazing mompreneurs. It included Dr. Nicole Farmer, Sylvia Crawford, Rian Barnhill, Cheryl Johnson, Sarah Swanson. It was all sounding good, I was getting excited – until question time. Now I have to admit I get a bit nervous talking in front of people, but this anxiety was different. I started to sweat, my heart was racing, and I kept going over and over what I wanted to ask. My questions were legit, sensible and do I dare say creative, but here was I was, going over and over about how to ask. My thoughts were racing fast and it felt like I was having a panic attack.
Finally at the end when a dad just started blurring out questions, I slowly raised my hand – not really high. OK, OK, I lied. It was actually just an “usher finger” type of raised arm.



While everyone was asking about time management and how to get things done. I had hardline questions like making money online, ROI, ROS, google or balancing of power and money between your mate – deep practical business questions. But by the time I had organized my thoughts to make sure the questions made sense, it was too late. Time’s up. No time for questions, no time for this socially awkward mom with amazing questions.

I have to admit, I  got really emotional – the crying type. My nose turned red and one tiny tear started. At the moment, I almost decided to get up and leave. Only to feel regretful and find that same bathroom, the empty one, no one wanted to go to, crying because of a missed opportunity. It was a very sad, depressing moment.

But something happened. The moderater said she wanted to end early so we had a chance to talk, in-person, to the panel. FINALLY I had a second chance and I took it. Business cards in hand, sweating underarm stained shirt, I conjured up the strength and introduced myself TO EACH SPEAKER. I started by explaining I’m an awkward mom and here some questions I had. Almost of all them told me the questions were amazing and it should have been talked about. They assured me that they’ve been where I was, nervous and all. And I’m proud to say a few inquired about my graphic design services too.


The lesson here is this. Don’t be afraid of what people think. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions, seriously. It’s hard I know. I remember how it used to be working corporate and feeling on top of the world; but it’s different now. As moms we’re making and molding the future world. If you feel you missed an opportunity, if it’s really meant to be, it will open itself up again. I promise.

As for me? I’ll still be that socially awkward mom at first. Probably because I’ve been out of the business/corporate loop for a while, but I learned how to network better that day and now feel like if I can yell to a line of ladies there is a bathroom with no waiting, in a crowd – I can do anything lol!

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The Ultimate-Extreme DYI Detroit Lions Football 40th Party

IT’S GOOD!!! That’s the feeling I had after pulling off the ultimate extreme DYI, 40th surprise birthday party for my husband. It was a miracle, because with an 8 month and  3 yr old, one needs extreme skills in quick running, hiding, climbing, pushing, pulling and stealth. I probably could have slapped on a mustache and won major points at the scouting combine. (I lost 4lbs).
Since I’m now a domestic engineer (raising kiddos) I realize after working 10 years in corporate as a web/ graphic designer I needed to funnel some creative energy –so why not apply it to decorating a party. It took me a month to complete this project in secret. So I slapped a flyer together, mailed it off and started crafting and designing!


4×6 flyers mailed with matching blue envelope.

I made a TON of custom decor by hand for this HUGE Detroit Lions/Football fan. I had a major adrenaline rush- especially hiding stuff when he peaked in the basement, where I secretly created and hid it at night -LMAO. Here are the items:

Hand Screen Printed Rally Towels, Badge, Goal Post, Photo Backdrop, 
Photo Props, Shot Glasses,  Scoreboard, Food Table,  Balloons,  Signs,  Accessories, Fan Table 

Hand Screen Printed Rally Towels

These orginally weren’t part of the party plan, but since I knew how to screen print via learned at Ocelot Print Shop, these worked out great ^_^.   I finally opened the DYI printing kit I received as a birthday gift two years ago and designed a quick image (30 mins) and burned the screen in my basement. It took about a day for the coating, burning and screen printing the 12 towels. Then an extra day to heat set them with an iron for 1-2 mins each. (These are simple car/terry cleaning towels from Meijers $9, 12″ x12″.)


A simple design using clip art printed on terry towels


Custom Badge/Logo

I’m guessing you noticed the “DFL sticker on the rally towels. I made these in less than 15 mins. It’s a play on the NFL official logo using the first letter of my husbands name heehehehe! (sorry I’m a certified dork). Anyway, in my last blog post I mentioned I would talk about Affinity Photo ($49) vs Photoshop. I’m a long time Photoshop user (1999) and quite frankly it was time to switch it up. I was done with the plans and dumb upgrades etc, plus I used older versions and got the same results as CC :-/ –I’ll blog on that later. So basically I fired up Affinity and used the mesh warp tool. I used this badge on the towels, a dollar store football glass and the goal post.


Fun play on NFL’s Logo.

Goal Post

Moving along – you’ll notice that swanky goal post. I thought way in advance to make one but ran out of time on HOW to connect it. It was the almost Christmas (2016) and I just snagged a few at the dollar store, then got to painting the poles. First with white acrylic and then then yellow tempera paint; stood it up using my shirt display and boom – a standing goal post.I could have bought some pvc pipes and connectors but I went total DYI on this -hence the crunchy taped corners; but who cares right?


Homemade goal post made with wrapping paper poles

Photo Backdrop

Behind that lovely goal post you’ll notice a chevron fabric laying across my table. That will is the photo shoot background. I know a lot of people are against “Wal-Smart” but I got 7 yards of this for like $10. (that’s right my JoAnn fabric heads). I was going to pull out my sewing machine, but my rusty butt got lazy and I used fabric glue to connect it together, then I just nailed the ends to the ceiling (They make nail hole filler for people like me). But it was fabulous. We took TONS of photos and all that really matters is a cropped nice picture and wa-la, a printable memory that last forever. Oh and a photo shoot is not complete without props, read on…


The final cropped image was perfect!

Photo “Booth” Props

By now your thinking this chick is doing way too much…your right. I just couldn’t stop the CREATIVITY! I just let it overflow and take over  plus life’s too short to stop short. So I went long (haha) with these fun photo prop sticks. I already had bamboo shish kebob sticks, so I cut the tips and hot glued them to the props (sparkle glue sticks from the dollar store). I printed these on HEAVY card stock – I’m talking 110lbs-200lbs people! (in paper weight terms of course)  I bought them from The Paper Mill store years ago. Then I printed them on the BEST PRINTER I’VE EVER WORKED WITH the Cannon Pixma, because it bleeds off the edges. Next, I painstakingly cut them out with an xacto knife. I’m not gonna lie, these took some time. But it was well worth it – especially the WTF sign; I’m thinking I can use it when someone cuts me off while driving. Just wave it outside the car window- ahhhhh lovely.


Handmade football photo props.

Custom Shot Glasses/Mixed Drinks

Speaking of road rage and signs, let’s all have a drink and settle down. I made some painted shot glasses and custom labels for the vodka mini bottles. The glasses were emptied spice and baby food jars that I was hoarding for weeks. To keep this football theme strong, I painted X’s, O’s and squares that obviously symbolized players in a football playbook. Then I couldn’t help myself buying the already blue (Lions Color), vodka mini bottles. I put those in water for 10 mins and the labels falls off, then I added my own sticker. Guest could then mix it with juices available.
Shots contained the birthday cake shots from the Tipsy Bartender and the spice jars had Blue Hawaiian cocktail, which coordinated perfectly with the Detroit Lions blue color. (Those referee tubs were inspired by this Pinterest blog!)


Custom mixed drink bottles and shot glasses

Scoreboard & Background

Remember that Cannon Pixma printer I told you about? Right – this bad boy is amazing and printed all the pieces for my scoreboard. It’s 28  x 30″+something and I painted a cardboard black, outlined it with white duck tape and applied the pieces on top with a glue stick (extreme). It’s worth noting black ink in printers aren’t “true black” so you’ll see gray but when you cut out the pieces, it works beautifully. Since it was a 40th party it was only right to put his name and 40 as the score. Hurrah! The wall background was black polypropylene material from Wal-Smart, ($4 for three yards). I then pasted strips of white streamers on it. I was shocked on how good it looked.


Personalized scoreboard with age as score and name.


Referee backdrop with streamers.


The best part of any party is the food of course. We are vegan so it was a no brainer to use Beyond Meat Spicy Buffalo bites from Wholefoods plus coconut cupcakes, a vegan cake and other delicious food. The layout was pretty cool too since I painted orange foam pieces  that look like football pylons – as risers; the smaller risers and the turf turned-table cloth I got from The $9 crate is from “Wal-Smart”serving as the cake stand.
Now the coconut cupcakes tasted and looke amazing . I got that recipe from Isa Chandra Moskowitz plus I looked at countless videos on making grass icing and even considered buying a $9 grass icing tip but I was like fuk it and used a bunch of tooth picks clasped with a rubber band. It looked just like the turf. The green icing is natural using COLORS Kitchen and McCormick natural, and India food coloring) I popped on those football rings and it just works.
The cake was O.K…… While I’m grateful for it begin vegan – it fell really short on color.  What’s really sad is that I even asked for preview photos, and sent color samples – but was told NO. I gave Cakes by Rubina 3 stars (it looked more like a baby’s cake).


Vegan “football” food presented with the guest of honor’s favorites!



Thankfully getting balloons was a service I paid for. Helium Kits a pain and the amount of detail and Lions theme I wanted could only be handled by professionals. I used Party Paradise here in Michigan. I don’t recommend the table top center pieces-they just fall over. But otherwise the Lions balloon tower looked good!


Detroit Lions themed balloons

Banners and Signs

Here is where my graphic design skills killed it! Just kidding. But I didn’t do just any ordinary banner. I HAD to make it extra, by using a lion graphic (vectoreezy) adding silver acrylic paint, cutting out the teeth – making it look like the lion crunched the paper (I added some literal folds and cuts). I think this captures the essence of a true Detroit Lions fan LMAO!! I pieced the long it together since it was really long 30″ x 20″. Top that off with pom poms on the sides and there you go. In addition I put signs on doors since we had a handful of guest who haven’t been in our home. The “loo” was the funniest sign hand down, thanks Calvin Johnson.


Handmade made custom banner and signs with cutout detail.


80% of this project were tweaked stuff I found at that dollar store it included: the super bowl trophy (inspired by Pintrest Post) nerd football + vase, the penalty flag, stones, brown construction paper, football bowls, streamers, colored duck tape, acrylic long servers, beer glasses, glass jars, silver plastic wear, plates, yellow cones and more!


Variety of party accessories tweaked, that bought at the dollar store!

Fan Table/Guest Playbook/Music

Does anyone remember making a “about you” tables in elementary? This was just that – it showed a variety of Detroit Lions items collected over the years. I remember stalking a lady for that black laptop jersey bag, because it was handmade and not sold anywhere ^_^. I also had a guest “playbook” for good wishes, loaded the app Pacemaker on my phone, (who was the “DJ”) with football/fav songs. I even played Fox’s NFL theme song when he came through the door, lol . We’ll be looking back on this party with smiles forever.


A fan table and “best wishes” book for the guest of honor.


To conclude, I fulfilled my creative desires lol. I did miss a few things like more streamers and signs in some areas, but at the end of the day seeing his shocked, smiling face was the best feeling in the world. I suppose in the back of my mind I’ll always wonder what would have happened if I tweeted #CalvinJohnson and he actually showed up! Ah well, until then, the next extreme DYI party — my son’s 1st and daughters 4th birthday COMBINED!

Thanks for coming along, reading this crazy, detailed journey of a 40th surprise party for the ultimate Detroit Lions Fan.
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Credits: ©Detroit Lions and Branding/Logo owned by Martha Firestone Ford. 

I’m. Still. Here. …and Designing.

Well hello ya’ll and Happy Holidays! I’m beginning to realize, apologizing for posting late is unnecessary;  Meaning life happens and you simply get busy. My little boy is now 7 months and I admit I find myself sleeping more than designing, especially since I have two kids. But I’ll get back to it! Anyhou – today I’m going to keep my promise and talk about the Berenstain Bears drawings I mentioned in my previous post.

Berenstain Bears.
Let’s just say I read quite a bit to my kids, and well… as a designer/editor I just notice the details – ALL OF THEM. (insert your laugh here) I couldn’t help but notice in the series, the drawings have morphed over time. I ike that. It tells me, someone has gotten better at what they do and/or wanted to try something new, or just got criticized and realized the criticism was actually true. Check out the images below.


Left 1968, center 1974, right 1985

Amazing isn’t it?  As you see, the first, is more freestyle and at least to me, fun! The middle almost 10 years later seems more modest and controlled and the last is more defined by bolder lines – which makes it super clear, concise and clean.
There is something to learn here. Especially for me– design skills change or “improve” over time.  I think as designers we sometimes get caught in doing things the same way. For example I worked corporate for 10 years doing mainly the same thing. I admit it was a little more fun in the beginning, where I was wild and free LOL.( I seriously got better in time)  I need to get back to that — and we all can by taking long breaks, life transitions or just cold turkey it, overnight and change it up.

In my next post I’m about going to talk about Adobe and how I am being “forced” to find another set of  design tools to use.

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(*Above images belong to The Berenstain Bears*)

Getting 2016 Started

Happy New Years to everyone!

Oh yeah, this year is going to be HUGE. Literally… at least for me. I’m on to baby no 2. and definitely got the big belly.  But also am happy about getting bigger — office space! I finally am converting the basement to my design studio. (below) It’s going to be tricky since you have to build with uh-ohs (flooding) in mind, but that will be the creative part about it.IMG_7936

So far floating shelves are on my team, shelves.jpgand I’ve been finding really cool stuff on Pintrest.

Stay Tuned!